4. Networking, Information Gathering

1. General Tips

  • Get the information by local source of information, through Churchhill Club, Meetup.com and so on.

  • Utilize twitter, follow people who are influential. Once you do start to follow, it will recommend who to follow, and you will easily be able to expand your follow basis.

  • Be ready to pitch about yourself in 1 minute: Since nobody will be interested just because you are big company or which nationality you are from, “Elevator Pitch” is necessar.

  • Nice to have is a 1 pager to explain about your company and the goal that you have

  • Showing yourself properly: Linkedin is a must have for people working here in the Valley. You must show the best parts about yourself

2. Recommended newsletters

3. Recommended organization

Reference Company Examples

Nestle - Henri@Nestlé

  • Nestle launched Henri@Nestlé in 2016, a digital platform that will allow startups and entrepreneurs to pitch projects to the company in response to "innovation challenges" that Nestlé is looking to solve.

  • The initiative has received over 400 start-up applications so far and launched 12 Projects to enable Nestlé to improve the environmental impact of its work by partnering with start-ups with ‘tech-for-good solutions’

Yamaha Motor Ventures & Laboratory Silicon Valley, Inc.

  • They are the venture capital and strategic business development arm of Yamaha Motor Company Ltd. The firm seeks to invest in the autonomous and connected vehicle, robotics and industrial automation, internet of things, precision agriculture and personal mobility sectors.

  • They focus on unique business field such as MOTOBOT using the cutting-edge technology of Silicon Valley, and their speed of business as well as localization is reputed to be same level as start-ups in Silicon Valley.

  • It is said to be because they established the new organization that can make their own decision based on different rules from those of the head office by thoroughly involving upper-level management team.

Panasonic Ventures