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RakuNest member: Irep Inc. 

Please tell us about Irep Inc. 

Irep Inc. is the first North American office of Japan’s leading digital advertising agency Irep Co., Ltd. As a part of Hakuhodo DY Group, Irep Co., Ltd. has been providing digital marketing solution services since 1997.

Please tell us about what your mission is in the Silicon Valley.

Our mission is to provide digital marketing solutions to global advertisers aiming to expand its business to Japan and also to Japanese advertisers aiming to expand its business globally. With our expertise and resources, we are capable of running almost any marketing channels in the Japanese market efficiently from traditional television commercials to digital performance marketing.


What type of technology are you interested in?
We are mostly interested in adtech but are interested in any technologies that could be used for future advertising methods.

What kind of companies would you like to meet in Silicon Valley?

We’d like to meet any companies that are interested in expanding its business to Japan. With our resources of Hakuhodo DY Group, we are confident that we could find areas we could work together.

Masami Kuroda



Mayuka Inaba

Head of Business Development


Atsushi Takahashi

Head of Integrated Marketing



Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 10.11.18 AM.pn

Yuri Sasamoto

Head of Sales




About Irep Inc.:





Founded: 1997

Specialities: internet advertisement, creativity, digital marketing

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