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RakuNest member: Japan Airlines (JAL)

Please tell us about JAL (Japan Airlines)

JAL is an airline company from Japan. We are delivering Japanese warm hospitality worldwide in both Japan domestic and international transport business.  The company was founded in 1951 and we have more than 32,000 employees world wide.  We operate 143 domestic routes and 571 international routes.

Please tell us about what your mission is in the Silicon Valley.

Our team belongs to the Innovation Division of the group headquarters and work together with the Business Creation Strategy Department in Tokyo. 

We have 2 people based in our Silicon Valley office in RakuNest.

This team's mission is to 

  • Create new business opportunities

  • Find ways to increase the company productivity

  • Find partners that can help any of the above activities

As an airline company, our value chain is very long, from booking, checking-in at the airport, on the flight experience, mileage program, and many more which are behind the scenes.  We believe there are many areas for potential opportunities that we can improve together with the external companies.

Are there any unique activities you would like to share?

As part of our global innovation activities, we have created JAL Innovation Lab in Tokyo. 

This facility is a lab which consists of mock up of the aircraft interior, boarding gates, check-in counter etc., so that we can test new technologies with ease

What type of technology are you interested in?

Although we try not to limit to certain technology and industry, AI / IoT / Robotics / AR / VR / 5G technology

as well as mobility / flying cars are areas of our high interest.  We are also looking for technology which can be

utilized in our daily operations such as the airport, inflight, maintenance etc. 

What kind of companies would you like to meet in Silicon Valley?

We are very open to meeting new companies.  Any companies in the above technology field may possibly be match for us as we have variety of departments within our company.

Please contact us if you would like to talk with us! 

Yusuke Yabumoto

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.

Innovation Division

Regional Director


Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 4.10.24 PM.png

Yudai Kada

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.

Innovation Division



About Japan Airlines http://www.jal.com/en/

Founded: 1951

Flights: Domestic 143, International 571

Number of fleets: 231

Annual Revenue: $10.5 B

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