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RakuNest member: JCB 


Please tell us about JCB 

JCB was established in 1961 and started its international expansion in 1981 to make the JCB brand an international brand accepted across the world. We have over 130 million JCB card ​members, of which 99.9 million in Japan and 30.2 million outside Japan.  JCB cards are issued in 23 countries and regions including Japan and accepted more than 30 million merchants in the world. As the only Japan-based international payment brand, we have been offering customers and partners the unprecedented high quality service and the flexibility and versatility that differentiate the JCB international brand through brand business, card issuing business, merchant acquiring business, and solutions provider business.

Please tell us about what your mission is in the Silicon Valley.

Our Silicon Valley Office belongs to JCB USA and we are closely working with the Strategic Innovation Department in JCB Tokyo Headquarters to pursue the following missions:

1. Conduct research on the latest technologies and new business models

2. Create a new business opportunity by co-working with emerging players


What type of technology are you interested in?
We are interested in wide ranges of emerging technologies including but not limited to Blockchain / AI / Machine Learning / Biometric / Mobility / AR / VR / IoT.​


What kind of companies would you like to meet in Silicon Valley?

We would like to work with any companies providing unique and emerging products and/or services, can be utilized in the Japanese and Asian markets. As a pioneer in the Japanese payment industry and one of Japan’s largest payment card companies, we are committed to catering to emerging market demand by leveraging our knowledge, advanced technologies, and wide merchants and card members network.

Tomoya Horiguchi

JCB International Credit Card Co., Ltd.

Senior Vice President


Jaesuk Yang


About JCB:

Founded: 1961

Annual Transaction Volume: $281 billion (Apr 2017 through Mar 2018)

Global Card members: 130 million (as of Mar 2019)

Global Merchants: 30 million  (as of Mar 2019)

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