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RakuNest member: JTB 

Please tell us about JTB (Japan Travel Bureau) 

The JTB Group covers every aspect of travel, from sales to service at the destination. With 502 offices in 39 countries, and over 29,000 employees, JTB is one of the biggest Travel Agencies in the world. In recent years, JTB has accelerated the establishment of new companies, joint-venture companies and M&A with local companies, and has forged a robust global platform ("Departing Globally, Arriving Globally") to respond effectively to place the world at your fingertips. JTB has expanded its global presence and reinforced its international sales and support capabilities. As a leading global brand, JTB is uniquely positioned to bring the world's people and business together through innovative solutions, and signature "JTB" service. 


Please tell us about what your mission is in the Silicon Valley.

Our Silicon Valley Office are working closely with the Corporate Strategy Department in Tokyo Headquarters as an important function to realize the Open-Innovation within JTB Group.

The main roles here in Silicon Valley Office are as follows;

1, Researching the latest technologies and new business concepts/models which reshape our future businesses.

2, Develop new business opportunities by working together with overseas startups and business partners.

JTB is now working with an U.S-based Venture Capital and an Accelerator.

Are there any unique activities you would like to share?

As part of our Global Business Solutions, we launched “BizDev Dojo”, which is the business development training program and the open innovation workshop for major Japanese Corporates and it collaborates with well-known business partners in Silicon Valley. 



What type of technology are you interested in?

We focus on creating frictionless customer experiences by utilizing wide range of technologies as well as any solutions to our focused clients, which are ‘Business Corporates’ and ‘Tourism Suppliers’ such as DMOs, hotels, transportations, tour & activity companies, etc..

JTB invests more on the above-mentioned areas(B2B) rather than retails(B2C). We define the meaning of tourism to make this industry more sustainable and beneficial for both travelers and residents at the destinations.


What kind of companies would you like to meet in Silicon Valley?
We don’t limit to companies only related to travel industry. This industry is fragmented and could be disrupted by new type of players coming from outside. We welcome new ideas which reshape our industry in a better way. As we mentioned, our main investment fields are the ‘Corporate Solutions’ having high affinity for tourism(BS) and the ‘Suppliers Solutions’ to generate inbound tourists sustainably(Destination Ecosystem).

Mitsuhiko(Mitchell) Ito

JTB Americas Ltd.

Head of R&D, Silicon Valley Office


About JTB(Global Site): https://www.jtb-global.com/

Founded: 1912

Number of employees: 29,000+ globally

Number of Global Network: 39 countries, 143 Cities, 502 Offices

Annual Revenue: $13.7 billion(April 2018 through March 2019)

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