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Emphasis Ventures <VC>

EMVC is a VC focusing on investing in the early stage companies in India.

Rather than aiming for the huge unicorns, their each investments are smaller, but for wider range of companies.

The vehicle is based in US, so all the notorious administrative paper work is easier compared with ones in India.

A few quick talking points in case it's helpful:

  • India remains the fastest growing consumer market in the world. 1.3 Billion people, HALF under 25 years old. It's a long term play - and while the time isn't ripe for a full ecommerce play, it's critical to have several "irons in the fire" to keep a toe-hold in the market.

  • The most game-changing innovation in India is at the early stage. That's why we invest $200k-1mm in each company, stay hands-on to help them grow, and build targeted strategic partnership and investment deals as they grow.

  • 2019 is national elections in India. This means the public markets and local angel investment will slow down due to complexity, making it an ideal time in the market for medium-term private market bets.This current digital commerce transformation underway is a 2-5 year play. We expect consolidation to happen and thus are moving quickly.

  • We have deep contacts and partners across industry - including those not on our deck - across retail, finance, tech sectors at the highest levels. Our deal flow comes from our reputation with CEOs, founders, and even policy leaders. We are the only fund in India with this strategic approach for this sector.





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