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Basic Set up/ House rules


Thank you for choosing RakuNest for your journey in Silicon Valley! Here you can find all of the basic information you will need on how to use the RakuNest facilities.

Basic RakuNest Membership House Rules can be found here.


[For RakuNest Member]

WiFi SSID: RakuNest_Member

WiFI PW: re$9j4D9vk#W

[For RakuNest Guest]

WiFi SSID: RakuNest_Guest

WiFi PW: 5!4KV@4aetWU


We have a printer (color/black and white) nearby the reception desk.

The printer name is HP Officejet Pro X476dw MFP.

Please connect your laptop with a Printer by USB.

Name badge

You must wear your name badges on the left side of your chest, which will be verified by a security guard upon entry to RakuNest.

If you forget your name badge, please get a temporary badge at the reception desk at Rakuten building 800. You need to leave your ID/credit card at the reception desk to get the temporary badge for security purposes.

Security card

You must use a security card to both enter and leave the building, as well as to access different floors in Rakuten such as the fitness gym. From January 2019 your keycard must be used to access all floors via the stairwells.

Cafeteria and Food

Meals are served at 1st floor cafeteria in the 900 building between the following times.

Lunch: 11:45am-1:30pm (Monday to Thursday)

Please see the menu from here.

On Friday, we RakuNest will provide lunchboxes. We will send e-mail beginning of the week, please answer google form to count lunch boxes.

Name badges will be checked in the cafeteria to ensure only Rakuten employees and RakuNest members are given access to the food, so please have your name badge on your chest when visiting the cafeteria.

Meal for RakuNest's Guest

If you would like to have your guests join us for breakfast/ lunch, You need to purchase a " Meal Sticker" at the reception desk.

Please put the sticker on the guests' name badge as below. Meal stickers can be purchased for $200/10 stickers.

*Please let us know if more than 5 guests are having lunch at cafeteria.

Coffee and Snacks

Coffee and snacks are self service at kitchen.

Access Hours

You can access the building 24 hours a day. However, building security will only be on duty during Rakuten business hours and not on weekends/holidays.

Also, the air conditioning of RakuNest is only in operation from 8am-7pm on weekdays.

Guest invitation

If you would like to have guests come by RakuNest, please feel free to do so, but please coordinate with the RakuNest reception.

Meeting Room

After registration of Skedda, you can book 4 shared meeting rooms.

Up to 3 hours per company a day.

Electric Vehicle Parking

EV Charging Instructions:

The Concar Drive stations have Members Only access, in order to become a member of these stations please use the following instructions:

From the ChargePoint App:

· Click “Account”

· Then click “Connections”

· Then click “Browse Connections”

· Enter “RAKUTEN800” in the search bar and hit search

· The offer will appear

· Then click on the offer and request connection

From the browser:

· Login to the driver account

· Click the word “Connections” in the menu bar

· On the right in the space that says “Enter your connection code” type in "RAKUTEN800"

· Click apply

· The connection offer will appear with a “Request” button in the connection

· Click that request button and submit request

Once you click submit, Rakuten will receive a notification of your request to join our stations and be able to approve your request.

Note: Cost is $0.20 per KWH and station cost is $5 per hour after 4 hours

Station cost is in addition to KWH cost if car is not removed within time limit

If you are having trouble accessing the station please contact Rakuten reception at 800 building or ChargePoint Driver Support at 1-888-758-4389.

Parking at CHW

If you need to park on campus overnight (maximum 4 nights), please fill out the Parking Form

Lost items

RakuNest will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items on campus. Please always keep your belongings with you.

Lease termination

Please complete this form and send it to Reception if you request to cancel your membership with RakuNest.

RakuNest email address:

Respect others

This is the basic rule, please respect others :-)





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