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New Additions to the Kitchen


Happy Wednesday,

We now provide snacks by NatureBox! Check out the kitchen area to see which snacks we feature this month. If you would like to make a snack request for the next batch, let one of the office coordinators know. Here's a list of the snacks currently available to us:

Our current snacks are:

1. Belgian Waffles

2. Fruit Medley

3. Kung Pao Pretzels

4. Nacho Almonds

5. Garlic Plantains

*Please leave your feedback forms at the front desk

We are also supplying carbonated drinks at the Nest. The drinks can be found in the jugs in the shared refrigerator. This time we have: sugar-free Arizona green tea and regular Coca-Cola. Please let Stephanie and Yukako know which drinks you would prefer for the next order.





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