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Short/mid term stays and hotels


Hotels are insanely expensive around here.

You can of course book normal hotels through any OTA, but here are other sites where you can look for if the stays are decently long (more than 2 weeks) as an alternatives to hotels.

Airbnb is something we all know. You can get great places for great price if you are lucky. If you plan to stay pretty long, always a good idea to directly contact the landlord for a discount.

Zeus is a service mainly for business traveler, with the concept of airbnb. You can also find great places here. You will be renting furnished house or rooms.

Anyplace is a service where you let people live in hotels. Cleaning will not be done daily, but because you book by month, there are great deals.

Corporate Housing by Owner is a service where the name explains itself. You will be get a good price on furnished house or rooms. They do have cheap solutions because usually they are duplex or even triplex.

Sublets is a site where people offer for subleasing. Because they are subleasing it you have options to find from both furnished and non furnished. Sometimes you can find great deals.

CHW Stay is Rakunten USA's corporate housing for Rakuten's biz trip employees. But this is also open for the RakuNest's tenants for San Mateo properties. Please talk to a member from RakuNest to find out more.

Extended Stay America is also one option if you are staying for more than one month. The rates are about $127.





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