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RakuNest member: Skylight America

Please tell us about Skylight America 
Skylight America is a subsidiary of Japanese consulting firm, Skylight Consulting.
With over 110 professional consultants, we support to solve client's business issue no matter how challenging it is.
The uniqueness of our support is close relationship, strong engagement, and co-working instead of being just advisor without taking risks or actions. Thanks to Rakuten's deep understanding of our style, Skylight has been building good relationship with Rakuten in Japan, and will be in USA as well.

Skylight is good at issue solving, together with client. We love to work together, think together, share the burden, and succeed together. 
I hope we can become a good partner for you!


Please tell us about what your mission is in the Silicon Valley.
At this most competitive area in the world, we want to prove that Japanese companies are still great. 
Over a decade long experience, we've seen the potentials of Japanese companies, but also seen our slower growth in business. 

Our first mission is to support them and drive their businesses in the world to top tier again. For this, we're building the global business network to 200 countries.

It has a long way to go, but we're confident we can make it.

What type of technology are you interested in?
Honestly speaking, we're not interested in specific technologies. We regard them as just tools, and focus on figuring out if it would contribute to client's business.
Meanwhile, Skylight has another face as an investor, and has been invested over dozens of startups and JVs. If there is a company whose business matches with our mission, we love to know the details and seek for the way of business collaboration.


What kind of companies would you like to meet in Silicon Valley?

We're pleased to meet any companies hungering for growth and innovation.
When you're stuck and need to change something, please feel free to share with us!


As we have unique business portfolio such as sports business, training services, and investment internationally in addition to consulting support, some of them might come in handy for you.

Tetsuo Oyama

Skylight America Inc.



About Skylight America: https://www.skylight-america.com/


Founded: 2000

Total Number of Project: 1,000+ (Since 2000)

Number of consultants: 110


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